Mystic Words from the Radio...

Mystic Words from the Radio is a Morse code poem created in collaboration with Morse enthusiast, Colin Turner. It is a call to action directed at the Morse community, based on the impassioned words of Colin himself.

The poem appropriates frequently used - and thus abbreviated - Morse words. Often used during difficult conditions, and heavily influenced by natural forces, these words hold an urgent and poetic quality.

Common phrases used by the Morse community are also contained within the poem. For example, to identify an operator 'by their fist' - used ambiguously here - means by the unique intonation of their keying style. Fluent operators are able inflect emphasis when using this surprisingly poetic form of communication.

Colin transmitted the poem globally, via his personal transmitter, aboard the LV21 decommissioned lightship harboured at Gillingham Pier, Kent. This work was produced during a mini-residency hosted by Figure Ground.

The poem can be heard in morse HERE