12 non-artists make artworks for the first time...


For my Goldsmith's degree show I fast-tracked 12 participants through a conceptual art degree course to produce artworks for the exhibition.

Passing Through a Somerset Village by Christine Dukes

Clip frame, card, photographs (1000cm x 700cm)

After recently giving up my job to remarry and relocate I am now a housewife and mother. I have little art experience since leaving school with CSE O-level in Art & Design. I have relocated from Wiltshire to Somerset and often make the journey by car back and forth between the two counties. There are some beautiful villages on route but how much do we actually notice? This got me thinking and I decided to choose one of these villages and photograph the things we actually notice and gave it a bit of a twist on things that would be in the village due to modern day life. I have tried to incorporate a little light humour! If at least one of them makes you smile then I have fulfilled what I set out to do! Enjoy.


Untitled by Claire Donaldson

Paper, charcoal, pinboard, pins, cardboard, paint. (40cm x 60cm)

I'm Claire. Haven't decided what my profession is yet. I'm 23, I studied art for a while but got disillusioned and dropped out, didn't practice again for 3 years or so. I have made an interactive work, about a mixture of things: partly, how normal, usually unscrutinised things like getting undressed, can be interesting when you really look at them and think. Partly about the life model being a part of the work, with ideas and a personality and not just some flawless Greek statue who is seen but no heard. It's partly about intimacy, without that intimacy being about sex, and it's also about art not being too serious: you can have fun with something, and it's still a valid work/idea. Art is subjective! Play with it!


Hannah by Ed Hall


A video camera was strapped to Hannah for the evening to give the illusion that the world is revolving around her. (Dimensions: about the size of a small TV) I?m a visual effects editor. I?ve been working in film for six years. I did both GCSE and A-level Art, but transferred my attention to film during University. My piece of work is meant to question and analyse what the First Time Club is about. In concept the First Time Club is about a collection of people coming together to experience something new, but underneath it all the First Time Club could be seen as all about Hannah and the focus of every evening could be perceived as her. Is Hannah giving up her art space to let other people experience it or is she using other people to create a much larger artistic idea and therefore making this show, once more, about her?


The Great Black Bird by James Chesters

Paint on canvas -- a mixture of acrylic and watercolours, with a pencil sketch outline. (30cm x 40cm)

I consider myself a photographer, so painting was a daunting experience for me, but one I intend to continue. Professionally, I have no art experience. I trained as a journalist before deciding it wasn't the right career for me and I am still trying to find what is. "The Great Black Bird" is about a recurring nightmare I had as a child, where I would be happily playing in the garden and would be snatched by a large, black bird. The bird image has been made as expressionist as possible ? while the text briefly explains the dream, but is deliberately obscured by the bird itself.


Crimes of the Heart by Lorraine Prince

Ink on paper (Dimensions variable)

I am 26 and work for a charity. My previous art experience is mainly drawing and painting, including Art A-level. This piece is based on two intense experiences I encountered in the weeks preceding the exhibition. It is about channels of communication available to us when we experience life's traumas, and how we are expected to respond to those who have hurt us.


Close to the Heart by Max Gibson

Photographic Images onto a t-shirt (33in x 29in)

I am 45 years old. I have worked for a large engineering company in Chelmsford since 1989 in documentation and data production/control. I was no good at Art, being more technically minded and useless with my hands. The work is a montage of images from around my native Lincolnshire ? places and sights I see on a regular basis and appreciate greatly. The images are untitled ? I enjoy telling people about them and what they mean to me. The work shows that art can be created using a purely technical process.


Untitled Boxes, writings and stuff by Megan Mayhew

(Dimensions variable)

I am 22 years old, I finished Goldsmiths last year studying Media and Communications. Me and Hannah were best friends throughout University. I have never done art because my dad is an artist and I feel everything I do is inferior I am now working at a media company. I have done 3 boxes, one open full of things, and a picture that I am happy for everyone to see with writings from acquaintances. Box number 2, closed, with more personal things but stuff I feel pretty happy with most people viewing. The third box is padlocked, inside a naked photo of me which I feel really uncomfortable with people seeing, writings by my closest friends and a piece by me about everything I hate about myself and try to hide. The key will be available and the onus is on the voyeur to look I don?t want you to be will you look when the opportunity is presented. I want this piece to be highly interactive and emotive. Feedback please to be written in the book.


What? Whence? Whither? by Peter Hall

Mainly found: tins, soil, flower, polystyrene, brick, screws. (Dimensions variable but roughly 40cm x 30cm by 125cm)

I am 45, currently a manager in a GP surgery and have very little formal art training. A verse in the Old Testament book of Isaiah says "all mankind is like grass" Grass withers, flowers fade. Symbols of the transience of life? What lasts forever? Four sweet tins in a spiral, after Warhol and his Brillo boxes. A spiral which raises questions of where it ends. A sunflower of hope for Van Gogh, but not for Kiefer.


Spring-clean London 2008 by Philip Canty

The contents of my vacuum cleaner, gathered over four weeks. (8 inch mound!)

Lighting Cameraman aged 46. Dropped Art at school aged 15. Always a keen photographer and naturally progressed into the moving image. Enjoy going to art galleries but I can't understand the attraction of a pile of bricks, a crack in the ground or an unmade bed. My piece is a dig at the above works. A pile of dust from my Dyson with Ken Livingstone's image amongst it. Thus London's Spring-Clean. Enjoy.


My First Time in Africa by Will Rankin

Photos, wood, acrylic and water colour paint. (Dimensions variable)

Will Rankin, 37, Journalist. I recently drove a Nissan Micra from London to Mali. My photos, painting and sculpture are an attempt to capture my feelings about this interesting, sometimes dangerous first trip across West Africa.