Essay written as part of PGCert Innovation in Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London...


In the below essay I propose the innovation of art outreach, based on my own practice-based research and the definitions of Argyris and Schön in Theory in Practice, and Spinosa, Flores and Drefus in Disclosing New Worlds.


  • Introduction

  • My Background

  • Contemporary Art Outreach

  • The need for a recoordination of practices: How the current use of art practices is compromising outreach aims

  • Using a non-traditional art model to innovate art outreach - and make art outreach more innovative

  • A Further Argument: How a conceptual art model produces a site that enables innovation

  • Summary


Art Outreach can be seen as already innovative in terms of the coordination of practices found within the cross-appropriation model as defined in Disclosing New Worlds. Outreach appropriates art practice because it finds this practice useful in realising its own objectives:

"We call this bringing of practices into contexts that could not have generated them, but in which they are useful, cross-appropriation."1

However, I will show how the current art model used produces only a short-term manifestation of outreach aims, and how this cross-appropriation is poorly integrated, compromising both art and outreach values.

I will propose a recoordination of these practices that will make this cross-appropriation more innovative and extend outreach values. I will go on to suggest that this recoordinated model effectively expands the capacity of art outreach by becoming a platform that produces new innovators.

I will then explain how outreach values are implicit to art, and demonstrate how a reprioritisation of art and outreach values within art outreach can unlock the full rehabilitative and socially inclusive aims of both art and outreach.

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